Guardian oped on excessive CEO pay

Friday’s Guardian Australia oped on excessive CEO pay what we can do about it.



New role as Executive Director of the John Curtin Research Centre

I’m delighted to have recently taken up the role as the inaugural Executive Director of a new social democratic thinktank, the John Curtin Research Centre. We kicked off our work with the official launch of the centre on Australia Day Eve with special guest speaker, the Hon. Bill Shorten, Leader of the federal Labor Opposition. Our chairman is the distinguished Labor activist, medical doctor and businessman Dr Henry Pinksier. We have a busy few months of activity ahead of us. Please share and give us a like on our official facebook page:


Or follow us on twitter


and Instagram:


Our webpage is at:



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Recent The Monthly pieces

On Malcolm Turnbull’s recent tirade in parliament.


The dangers of ‘bubble’ thinking in Canberra.


The meaning of President Trump for Australian politics.



Guardian Australia opinion piece

Today’s Guardian Australia piece on Paul Keating’s legacy.

Daily Telegraph opinion piece on UNESCO’s Jerusalem resolution

My Daily Telegraph oped on UNESCO’s recent Jerusalem resolution (not available online)


Back writing again

After an enjoyable period working in politics again I’ve returned to writing for myself.


First up is a piece for my resumed online column for The Monthly:


‘In search of Turnbull’s mojo’

The Age silly season opeds

A trio of opeds published by The Age in and around the silly season. Happy new year!


The captain’s calls continue under Turnbull (1 January 2016).

We’ve fallen hard for personality politics (22 December 2015).

PM’s colleagues prove to be the chink in the armour (3 December 2015).

Inaugural John Cain Foundation Annual Lecture

I was honoured to deliver the inaugural John Cain Foundation annual lecture ‘The Power of Ideas: rediscovering Australian Labor’s lost traditions’ at The University of Melbourne on 11 November. Some higher quality pics and the full text of the address to come …


Catching up

Various The Monthly blogs


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Don’t write off Tony Abbott yet (13/8/2015) (Yes, even I get things wrong occasionally ;))

The Prime Minister of the Opposition (2/6/2015)


The Saturday Paper feature piece


Shorten Selling (19/9/2015)


The Age oped


Jeremy Corbyn’s nostalgia not the way to take British Labour forward (25/8/2015)


ABC Radio National broadcast of ‘Mateship and Crime’ live from the Brisbane Writers Festival (5/9/2015)




Bendigo Writers Festival

I am a guest of the Bendigo Writers Festival taking place this weekend.


On Saturday I join journalist Latika Bourke and author Paul Daley in conversation with Anthony Radford to discuss  how politics is stranger than fiction. The next morning you can find me alongside Paul and academic Judy Brett to talk about the uses of mateship, riffing off my book of the same subject.


See you there!