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Reviews of Mateship: A Very Australian History

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I’ve been rather slack updating this site but here are a number of mostly excellent review of my book:

The Australian: ‘[a] provocative and insightful book’ and ‘the first significant exploration of what the author terms “our secular egalitarian creed” since Russel Ward’s path-breaking 1958 work The Australian Legend.’

The Conversation (14.2.2015): ‘a thoughtful and thorough contribution to the literature on Australian identity.’

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (22.2.2015): ‘An interesting take on Australian history.’ [no link]

Virgin Australia’s Voyeur Summer magazine: ‘Dyrenfurth turns the history of mateship upside-down as he explores the history of this Aussie ideal’. [no link]

The Age/Sydney Morning Herald: ‘[A] detailed, nuanced and readable study, which charts the evolution of the concept in all its complexity’.

Brisbane’s Courier-Mail: ‘Laudably [Dyrenfurth’s] history and study of mateship is not partisan. His view is balanced and he acknowledges that neither side of politics has exclusive rights to mateship … [it] belongs as equally to the right as to the left and for everyone in between’. [no link]

Cargo Art magazine: ‘Nick Dyrenfurth has provided a valuable account of mateship, a concept which curiously dominates how Australians think about themselves but which can be very divisive and contested. The centenary of Anzac will no doubt be dominated by the idea of mateship.’

Canberra Times: ‘Dyrenfurth’s scholarly but ultimately fond analysis of …”Australia’s pre-eminent national ideal” never tells us what to think … But we do to his credit, come away from the natty little book with a clearer notion of how and why mateship concepts and words came to arrive here and to be kept so busy in our national conversation.’

Cooma/Monaro Express: ”This is a fascinating history, not just of mateship, but of Australia.’ [no link]